"Everything we can report from the time of your sojourn here is strictly positive! We have been helped so by things you taught and shared. Even on our holiday in Nazareth a lovely young woman was freed, and we and she were thrilled." - "Ruth", cross-cultural worker in a creative access country

"After twenty years in ministry I felt all my personal troubles were just my life long cross to bear… After ministry [with Gary] I experienced such an incredible change in myself, my marriage, life and ministry my wife was shocked and encouraged to receive ministry for herself. After each session with you I felt born again, again. I moved to an ever deeper level of freedom and power in ministry I did not know existed before now." - Pastor Paul

"In ten seminars in ten years, Gary and Kathleen Hixson have done an eye-opening ministry in inner healing and deliverance among and together with Campus Crusade for Christ in Switzerland. Various staff members made significant progresses toward a deeper experience of spiritual freedom and commitment for the Lord Jesus Christ. Others have been equipped to serve others in the area of inner healing and deliverance. With their Biblical and sensitive approach, the Hixsons have been a big help for us." - Peter Höhn, Member of the Leadership-board, Campus Crusade for Christ, Switzerland

"My wife would be dead today if not for this ministry she receive from you! Many heartfelt thanks!" - Thanksgiving from a husband of the daughter of a pastor