I have known and worked with Gary and Kathleen Hixson for many years now both in the States and on overseas trips. I am convinced that the hand of the Lord is definitely on them. I have trained and ministered with many choice servants of God. Among those I have worked with, Gary and Kathleen stand out for their ability to live close to Jesus, hear Him clearly and function regularly in His power. God has gifted them in unique ways to use the authority and power Jesus gave to His followers (Luke 9:1) to bring freedom to those living in captivity. They have now been used by God to bring freedom to hunderds of people. This puts them among the most experienced in the world in ministering to people this way.

Charles Kraft, Ph.D., Professor School of World Missions, Fuller Seminary

Author of "Deep Wounds, Deep Healing", "Defeating Dark Angels", "Christianity With Power", "I Give You Authority" and "Confronting Powerless Christianity"



Gary and Kathleen Hixsion's ministry has been of great value to many people I know personally. However, perhaps even more important is their vision to equip others to engage in spiritual warfare. In this age when the worldview of many Christians seems more taken from scientific rationalism than from the Bible, their ministry provides a much-needed correction.

Carolyn E. Kerr, Ph.D., clinical psychology Latin America Mission